Banquets and Special Events

petergof banquets and special events
petergof banquets and special events


Petergof?s banquet facility hosts a

variety of events

Our facility provides dinner packages, evening entertainment, and all of the necessary equipment that follows. Petergof spares no expense to provide an experience that lasts with you and your loved ones for years. It is the premium choice for any event, and anything less does not cut it.


Choose from a variety of

menu options

to capture an extravagant dinner experience and stay for the state of the art sound and media system. Arrangements and layouts are at your disposal so every facet of an event can achieve the best recreational and pleasure filled experience possible.


It is the only banquet hall in the North Shore

that is open until 3AM

so you can celebrate and party until the sun comes out. No other banquet hall in Chicago, or the Chicagoland area accommodates our patrons like Petergof.

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